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Why is BE LIGHT so effective?

The Science behind BE LIGHT

A. Einstein

This forward-thinking and imaginative spirit, so beautifully embodied by Albert Einstein, sits at the heart of the BE LIGHT method as well. As the scientific research of today continues to affirm the ancient wisdom of millennia past, BE LIGHT gives you tools and guidance to effortlessly access a higher-frequency future.

“Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies”

Ancient Wisdom 

Modern Science

Science for the Soul

The revolunatry BE LIGHT Method with its four-pillars was born with its unique fusion of “Ancient Wisdom and Modern Technology” to lift meditation into the 21st century.

BE Open


Arriving at stillness through the use of simple breathing exercises and meditations helps relax the body, relieve stress, and improve emotional states. These guided practices stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system as well as the vagus nerve, and promote brainwave alteration, which is a necessary prerequisite for deep meditative and flow states.

Effect of Diaphragmatic Breathing

Holotropic Breathwork in Self-Awareness

Be Open

BE Tuned

Through photobiotic modulation—the non-invasive use of audio and visual frequencies to stimulate the brain on a cellular level—the mind is brought to a highly receptive, altered state of consciousness. During this time, the brainwaves are further altered, resulting in increased neuroplasticity, higher cerebral blood flow and cell metabolism, and pineal gland activation.

Frequency-based Light & Sound Neurotherapy

Photobionic Modulation

Be Tuned

BE Transformed

BE LIGHT Be Transformed

Once the brain has been guided into a highly receptive theta or alpha brainwave state, the effect of techniques like Neurolinguistic Programming, guided meditation, affirmation, and visualization are enhanced. These practices are used to enable participants to build new neural pathways and achieve more impactful cognitive changes.

Meditation on self-transcendent States

Nervous System during Meditation

Be Transformed

BE Part

Sharing your journey, feelings and emotions with others is an important tool to integrate your experiences. Connecting with others and being part of a supportive community helps to establish healthy patterns, and behaviors for a happy and healthy life.

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