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A shortcut to better performance and
mental health

BE LIGHT services for companies and organisations

A fusion of neuroscience-backed breath work, meditation, and light and sound frequencies.

The BE LIGHT’s transformative method is exceptionally empowering for high performers who are used to high pace and quick results.


With its unique combination of specially designed light and sound frequencies, BE LIGHT enables you to change your inner state quicker and easier than traditional meditation.


Discover this easy shortcut to flow states of mind based on transformed brainwave frequencies.

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Experience a new level of performance

From meeting kickoffs to conferences, both in physical and virtual realms.

Discover the power of BE LIGHT in corporate events live on stage, 
online,  in the Metaverse and Web3.

BE LIGHT offers special 'corporate wellbeing programmes' that enable companies to improve employees’ mental health and performance based on latest neuroscience.

For high-performing and
balanced teams

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An easy and fun shortcut to deeper states​

  • no experience required

  • 92% of users feel better, more relaxed and focused after a BE LIGHT session

  • better health effects than normal meditation or yoga

Mobile & Web App

The BE LIGHT app offers a powerful multi-sensory experience at your fingertips.

Within minutes you can turn from stress to flow, from low energy to full energy.


Offer your teams the BE LIGHT app for high performance and mental health.


Find out more about our special packages for companies.

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Live Events

Relax & flow room

A unique and fun way to recharge in the office

Offer your teams in the office a unique and fun way to recharge and activate their power in a BE LIGHT relax & flow room. Sessions with different focus can be played several times during the day.



Morning: High performance session

Mid-Day: Energiser session

Afternoon: Creativity session

Live events on stage

Biohacking at your company or team meetings

BE LIGHT live sessions are a great opener for team meetings or an “energiser” during meeting marathons. They offer easy and fun access to greater energy for your teams within minutes.

Fitness Couple High Five

Maximize Team Efficiency.

Boost Organisational Well-being.

Online or Metaverse group sessions

For remote teams or virtual meetings

BE LIGHT offers fun and empowering group sessions online or in the metaverse. Within minutes you can access higher levels of energy, focus and creativity.


Remote teams can connect and recharge during long working days with group BE LIGHT sessions. Align before an online meeting by doing a BE LIGHT group session together.


Choose from topics such as “Boost creativity”, “Focus” etc.

Corporate wellbeing program

The BE LIGHT method provides a very effective and enjoyable shortcut to mental wellbeing and empowerment.

The programme offers a powerful combination of performance tracking, online team sessions, live team sessions, challenges via the app, etc.

The programme is tailored to your individual requirements, such as

  • from 50 employees onwards

  • in office, hybrid or remote teams

  • local or globally

  • English or German

  • 6 months / 12 months / on an ongoing basis

Interested in empowering your teams with BE LIGHT?
Find out more about our corporate wellbeing programmes.

Harmonize & sync your brain

A harmonized brain enables better performance and health.

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Overview BE LIGHT services

BE LIGHT offers fun and empowering sessions via app, live at events or in the metaverse.

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Biohacking for high performers 

What do we know about the power of our mind?
BE LIGHT did some deep research on inspiring science and ancient wisdom on the power of the mind for high performers. 

Success Stories

"BE LIGHT basically allows you to visit that space in your brain, that sweet spot where anything becomes possible.“
Philipp Baier
Founder, LifeXperiences
"For anyone considering a BE LIGHT session, I can't recommend it highly enough. Reach out to Ivo and his team and bring this powerful, life-changing experience to your next leadership event."
Dirk Kröger
Founder of COI
“BE LIGHT helped me deal with stress and sleep. I am using the app regularly and I'm happy to support the project because it works better for me than anything else. Try it out. BE LIGHT really helps!”
Timo Hildebrand
Former Bundesliga goal-keeper
& National player

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A shortcut to mental health and high performance

For company leaders & employees

Stress Management

Enhanced Focus

Mental Health Improvement

Balanced Time Management

For your entire company

Reduced Absenteeism

Leadership Trust

Increased Job Satisfaction

Employee Engagement

Telekom Startup Night

September 2023

Three workshops provided for the attendees of Telekom Startup Night in Berlin.