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A unique event experience!

The participants experience a unique combination of immersive sound, guided meditation, breathwork and special light effects.

An easy and fun shortcut to deeper states

  • no experience required!

  • 92% of users feel better, more relaxed  and focussed after a BE LIGHT session.

  • Better health effects than normal meditation or yoga!

The BE LIGHT Method

rooted in ancient wisdom, empowered by modern technology, developed with the latest neuroscience.


BE LIGHT experiences

Relax & Flow Room

A unique and entertaining way to activate your energy.

Discover the Relax & Flow Room:

Imagine a place at your conference or event, where attendees can recharge and discover a new entertaining way of biohacking.

BE LIGHT nominated for the "Healthcare Metaverse of the Year", World Metaverse Council Awards, Dubai 2023

Events hosted at

Metaverse or Online Sessions

For remote teams or virtual meetings

BE LIGHT offers fun and empowering group sessions online or in the metaverse. Within minutes you can access higher levels of energy, focus and creativity. Remote teams can connect in a meaningful way with BE LIGHT group sessions.


Align before an online meeting by doing a BE LIGHT group session together. Choose from various topics relevant for better performance and health such as focus, energise, recharge, peaceful sleep etc.

BE LIGHT was nominated for "Healthcare Metaverse of the Year" at the World Metaverse Council Awards, Dubai 2023.

“For me it is all about offering exposure to
BE LIGHT! Everybody should have the opportunity to experience a BE LIGHT session. It basically allows you to visit that space in your brain, that sweet spot where anything becomes possible.“

Blockchance Hamburg, 2023

Relax & Flow Room

Bringing a BE LIGHT session live to the blockchain and web3 community in a relaxed setting in Hamburg for the Blockchance event.