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Relax & Flow Room

Delight your Visitors with multi-sensory Experiences

Relax & Flow Spaces

For live & virtual Events.
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Quickly recharge in a stressful Environment

Start every Event more motivated, master daily Stress
and take the Experiences of your Visitors to the next Level.
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85% increased energy &
reduced stress immediately*
Statistic 92.png
92% felt more relaxed,
focused & overall better*
Statistic 98.png
98% would love to see
BE LIGHT at other events*
*Based on a study using survey data with over 100 participants 

How BE LIGHT builds resilience and well-being

We combine ancient Wisdom with modern Science.

Neurological stimulations via synchronized light, sound, vibration signals and pulse waveforms


Modern brainwave entrainment technology with audiovisual frequencies & traditional methods


Guided live sessions (online/offline) with modern meditation, visualization & breathing exercises

Offer touching moments to create positive memories

In our specially designed room with state-of-the-art audiovisual
technology, we provide overall well-being and happ
y moments within minutes.
Contact us to create unforgettable moments for your clients.
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