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  • What do I do when I am sensitive to light?
    Every person has different preferences. Listen to your intuition and follow what feels right for you at this moment. You can vary with the distance to the screen or dim the brightness. Or just enjoy the stimulation only through the science-based sounds.
  • Do I need prior knowledge or any experience?
    With BE LIGHT NO experience is needed in the opposite to methods like meditation, yoga, breathwork, mindfulness or mental fitness. The BE LIGHT Sessions are guided and designed to help you achieve deep states within minutes.
  • What to do as a first time user?
    Our mental and emotional state differ from day to day. Trust yourself and your intuition while choosing a session. Your eyes should be closed throughout the session. Please read the setup instructions
  • How do I create an account and log in?
    Creating an account is easy, simply download the app from the App Store or Google Play. You can sign up by Apple, Google, Facebook Login or email. Becoming a community member grants you these benefits: Free audio-visual sessions Meet the founders live Free online sessions Available on all devices
  • Is BE LIGHT a medical product?
    BE LIGHT is not made for therapeutic or medical use. If you have any medical, diagnosed or suspected mental issues please consult your doctor or therapist before using the App. Please, read the medical disclaimer for more information.
  • What devices is BE LIGHT compatible with?
    BE LIGHT is compatible with iOS and Android devices and through a webrowser. You can use any kinds of screens or even a beamer for group sessions.
  • How do I download the app or desktop version?
    Download and install the mobile App BE LIGHT from the Google or Apple Store. or choose the desktop version from our website.
  • What is BE LIGHT?
    BE LIGHT is an innovative multi- sensory experience. A new technology-driven method in combination with ancient wisdom to improve well-being effortlessly - easy like watching a movie. We are using the latest neuro scientifically proven light & sound impulses emerged into wonderful soundscapes, Breathwork, Yoga Nidra and guided NLP based meditations.
  • What are the benefits of BE LIGHT?
    With BE LIGHT you will experience immediate benefits without any prior training. A regular use of BE LIGHT can bring significant improvements and lasting success in the following areas: Increase in focus, concentration and memory skills Prevention of depression, exhaustion and anxiety Increase in general well-being Prevention of stress disorders and nervousness Increase in stress resistance (work / private life) Recovery and deep relaxation after stressful days Induction of deep meditative and mind-expanding states Promotion of creativity, motivation and generation of ideas Reprogramming of negative behavior and old patterns Overcoming difficulty falling asleep and insomnia Promote healthy and restful deep sleep
  • How does it work?
    1. Download the app 2. Create your account 3. Try our " Welcome" and free Sessions 4. Dive into your own inner world BE LIGHT Method consists of four pillars and is engineered to sync your brainwaves and stimulate your nervous system with light and sound frequencies. Pillar two (Be Tuned) is based on audiovisual entrainement (latest neuroscience research) and scientifically speaking, it is a neurostimulator. It stimulates your autonomic nervous system with rhythmic light and sound frequencies to achieve or sustain desired states at any time. The synchronized frequencies activate different ways of experiencing a fascinating world of colours and shapes to guide you on your inner journey. Each experience can be very different.
  • Who should not use the app?
    Do not use the app if you are prone to seizures and epilepsy (or if you are pregnant, in case you are prone to seizures and unaware of it), if you have any brainwave hyper arousal or instability symptoms or if you under 18 years of age, as the brain is still developing and more sensitive. Do not use the App under the influence of alcohol or any mind-altering drugs. Although our sessions are designed to improve your wellness and wellbeing, they are not to be used as a replacement for medical or psychological treatment. Please, read the medical disclaimer for more information.
  • How often should I meditate with BE LIGHT?
    It depends on your goal and if you are using the session with the light pulses or if you are merely using the sound frequencies. In any case, do not exceed the maximum time of using the app, which is one hour a day and maximum five days a week.
  • Are there any side effects?
    People suffering from epilepsy and those with photosensitivity can not use audio-visual stimulation devices, which could, among other things, cause an epileptic fit. Sessions must be ended immediately if the subject feels unwell. Otherwise, no side-effects are known. Please, read the medical disclaimer for more information.
  • Can I use the sessions in the evening?
    We designed certain sessions to use in the evening to promote a restful sleep. Please, read the session descriptions to find out if a session is recommended to use in the evening. These sessions won't affect your circadian rhythm and will help you to improve your sleeping patterns.
  • How do I use BE LIGHT?
    Read the setup instructions Darken the room Choose a session Visualize your intention Close your eyes Follow the guidance and immerse with the soundscapes
  • Can I use the sessions in the evening?
    We designed certain sessions to use in the evening to promote a restful sleep. Please, read the session descriptions to find out if a session is recommended to use in the evening. These sessions won't affect your circadian rhythm and will help you to improve your sleeping patterns.
  • What types of meditations does BE LIGHT offer?
    BE LIGHT offers a variety from stress reduction, sleep to energy boost of BE LIGHT & Sound journeys in different lengths, including mindfulness, breathwork, visualization, and more.
  • How long does a session last?
    It depends on your goal and if you are using the session with the light pulses or if you are merely using the sound frequencies. In any case, do not exceed the maximum time of using the app, which is one hour a day and maximum five days a week.
  • How do I purchase or upgrade my subscription?
    To purchase or upgrade your subscription, open the BE LIGHT app and go to the "Settings" menu. From there, select "Subscription" and follow the prompts to choose your subscription plan.
  • What is the difference between the Free and Premium versions of BE LIGHT?
    The Free version of BE LIGHT includes: Free audio-visual sessions Meet the founders live Free online sessions Available on all devices Dark mode The Premium version of BE LIGHT includes: Access to all session Offline Mode New content regularly Join online sessions for free Get access to workshops
  • How much does BE LIGHT cost?
    BE LIGHT offers a variety of subscription options, including a monthly subscription for 7,95 €, a yearly subscription for 55,55 €, and a lifetime subscription for 249 €.
  • Can I use BE LIGHT without a subscription?
    Yes, you can use the free version of BE LIGHT without a subscription.
  • The BE LIGHT Method in a nutshell:
    The BE LIGHT Method integrates the latest scientific research with the ancient wisdom that shaped practices such as meditation, breathwork, and yoga. A. Einstein once said: “Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies”. This forward-thinking spirit sits at the heart of the BE LIGHT Method with its 4 pillars: 1. Be Open Arriving at stillness through the use of simple breathing exercises and meditations helps relax the body, relieve stress, and improve emotional states. 2. Be Tuned Through photobiotic modulation — the non-invasive use of audio and visual frequencies to stimulate the brain on a cellular level — the mind is brought to a highly receptive, altered state of consciousness. 3. Be Transformed Once the brain has been guided into a highly receptive theta or alpha brainwave state, the effect of techniques like Neurolinguistic Programming, guided meditation, affirmation, and visualization are enhanced. 4. Be Part Sharing your journey, feelings and emotions with others is an important tool to integrate your experiences and establish healthy patterns, and behaviors for a happy and healthy life.
  • The Why:
    The mission of BE LIGHT is to help people balance their minds and emotions for a happy and healthy life. The BE LIGHT founders started this project already years ago without actually knowing it. They offered workshops and events around the world with their professional therapeutic light and sound brainwave systems and helped thousands of participants in hundreds of workshops to master their minds and improve their well-being. After years of first hand experiences, requests from around the world and lots of positive feedback the idea was born to develop the first science-based, audio & visual app. They wanted to make this powerful light and sound technology accessible for everyone and to create a totally new approach by combining modern science with the old and proven benefits of mediation and other ancient methods.
  • Do the families of the founders use the app?
    Yes. The founders, some of their friends and relatives are using the app for their own self-care to effortlessly reach restorative deep states. It is like a tuning dial to master your mind and emotions, improve your sleep or increase focus and creativity.
  • The story of the BE LIGHT founder:
    Ivo, Ahilan, Pascal and Oliver started their self-development journeys years ago after working in international companies as scientists, consultants, producers or managers. They all will share their exciting stories in the future with you but here you have already an idea in advance. They all changed their lives and developed more awareness for themselves and others. They studied the science of frequencies, dived deep into neuroscience, practiced breathwork, meditation, mindfulness & the science of yoga with international coaches. Some of them traveled around the world to deepen their studies. These important personal self-development processes were the starting point of BE LIGHT. They all felt the motivation to bring more awareness into the world and to design a new, meaningful way for modern meditation in the 21st century. The technology provides deep and touching experiences leveraging advantages of classical meditation techniques - without long preparation or practicing time - to find more bliss and motivation in work, life, and everything else. They developed the BE LIGHT Method with the four pillars - BE Open - BE Tuned - BE Transformed - BE Part to empower more people and to start changing the world from inside.
  • What are the secrets of BE LIGHTS frequencies?
    The Universe consists of energy and so do we. Since the early 1990s the NASA and modern science have known that there is more “Dark Energy and Dark Matter '' (68% & 27%) compared to matter we can see and explain (“Normal Matter” 5%). Please, do not interpret the word "Dark" as something bad, but understand it more as an entry point to the secrets in ourselves and the world around us, as repeatedly described by many scientists. BE LIGHTS special light and sound frequencies are energy waves and all matter around us and within us are fragments of energy. Our physical bodies are transmitters and receivers of frequencies, vibrations and energies. As Albert Einstein said: “Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics." Where your attention goes the energy flows. Through conscious thinking and practice of awareness you can tap into the quantum field, direct the energy where it is needed and change the world from within. BE Light and their fusion of ancient wisdom and modern science is helping you to approach the transformational power of energy and frequencies for you.
  • What does science say?
    Einstein's and Tesla's understanding of the transformational properties of energy and frequencies rests at the heart of BE LIGHT to effortlessly reduce stress and balance body, mind and heart. Mindfulness research shows that mindfulness is a foundational skill that contributes to personal growth, especially with regards to self-awareness, self-management and emotional skills. Albert Einstein once said: "Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it”. Nikolai Tesla said: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” For more infos please check the science page on our website
  • How to reach us
    If you have any questions or concerns please write us an email to we-care (ad(
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