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A shortcut to deeper states of mindfulness. 

Ancient wisdom

meets modern science

Discover a transformative journey with our multi-sensory method of cutting-edge Audiovisual Brainwave Entrainment.

The holistic BE LIGHT method integrates meditation, breathwork, and the harmonious interplay of light and sound frequencies.

Tailored for both the corporate professional and the personal explorer, BE LIGHT fosters focus, balance, better sleep and a resilient state of mind.

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BE LIGHT sessions

A fusion of neuroscience-backed breathwork, meditation, and light and sound frequencies.

Tailored for both corporate professionals and individuals.

From relaxation to stress relief, from more energy to positivity, from waking up to sleeping.... 

Get access to your free BE LIGHT sessions.

at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.

Transformative mindfulness
at your fingertips

The BE LIGHT app offers better wellbeing easily:

  • Feel better: Improve sleep, reduce stress and access flow states

  • Heal: Activate your self-healing power and improve your mental wellness/health

  • Transform: Step into your full potential and a happier, healthier 'YOU'. 


Each BE LIGHT session is designed for quick and easy results for busy professionals and wellness seekers.


Work & Study



Relax & Destress


Immediate benefits

Feel the positive impact of BE LIGHT right away - from better sleep to heightened motivation and focus in just one session.

100% Efficiency

10 minute session with

BE LIGHT as effective as 1 hour of meditation or yoga.

Anytime, anywhere

At home, in the office, or on the go. A few minutes with BE LIGHT rejuvenates and ignites your full potential.

Harmonize & sync your brain

A harmonized brain enables better performance and health.
Brain Scan images

Effective for all experience levels 

Live Events

On stage & flow room 
Online group sessions
Metaverse sessions

Experience the power of BE LIGHT:

Live events, online sessions and unique metaverse sessions.

Connect, engage, and rise together.

Friends at the Beach

Take your mind
on a holiday.
Anytime, anywhere.

From our BE LIGHT community  

"BE LIGHT basically allows you to visit that space in your brain, that sweet spot where anything becomes possible.“

Philipp Baier

Founder, LifeXperiences

"BE LIGHT keeps your brain vital and your mind calm. Research with users reveals that BE LIGHT's brainwave stimulation showcases rapid effectiveness on a broad spectrum of individuals, yielding positive impacts on both physical and mental well-being."
Anne Schwerk
Neuroscientist & Professor of Artificial Intelligence at IU of Applied Sciences
“BE LIGHT helped me deal with stress and sleep. I am using the app regularly and I'm happy to support the project because it works better for me than anything else. Try it out. BE LIGHT really helps!”
Timo Hildebrand
Former Bundesliga goal-keeper & National player

BE LIGHT services

There are various ways to experience BE LIGHT sessions:

“Since I use BE LIGHT, I fall into a deeper sleep until the morning. I feel much more rejuvenated, fresh and clear when waking up.”

Improved Sleep Quality

“Discovering BE LIGHT has been a quick fix for my balance. The blend of mindfulness and technology brings me immediate stress reduction. I find myself centered, even in the midst of a hectic day.”

Quick Stress Reduction

“BE LIGHT has truly been a game-changer for my mental health, strengthening emotional resilience and bringing positive changes to every aspect of my life. It has guided me towards a version of myself I didn’t know was possible.”

Elevated Mental Wellbeing

Unlock your full potential


90% of users
have proven to achieve
desired states in

less than 10 minutes

per session.

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