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In the Crowd



A unique event experience!

The participants experience a unique combination of immersive sound, guided meditation, breathwork and special light effects.

An easy and fun shortcut to deeper states

  • no experience required!

  • 92% of users feel better, more relaxed  and focussed after a BE LIGHT session.

  • Better health effects than normal meditation or yoga!

The BE LIGHT Method

rooted in ancient wisdom, empowered by modern technology, developed with the latest neuroscience.

Events hosted at

Overview BE LIGHT experiences

On Stage Program

Biohacking at your company or team meetings
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BE LIGHT live sessions are a great opener for team meetings or an “energiser” during meeting marathons. They offer an easy and fun access to greater energy for your teams within minutes.

Sessions live on stage for up to 1000 persons

On Stage Science

BE LIGHT presentation about the power of our mind and neuroscience
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Discover the fascinating power of our mind with a captivating presentation covering biohacking opportunities backed by the latest studies in neuroscience. Presentations from 10 - 30 minutes.

Relax & Flow Room

A unique and fun way to recharge at a company event

Offer a unique and fun way to recharge and activate their power in a BE LIGHT Relax & Flow room. Sessions with a different focus can be played several times during the day.


Morning. High performance session

Mid-Day: Energiser session

Afternoon: Creativity session

Metaverse or Online Sessions

For remote teams or virtual meetings
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BE LIGHT offers fun and empowering group sessions online or in the metaverse. Within minutes you can access higher levels of energy, focus and creativity. Remote teams can connect and recharge during long working days with group BE LIGHT sessions.


Align before an online meeting by doing a BE LIGHT group session together. Choose from various topics relevant for better performance and health such as focus, energise, recharge, peaceful sleep etc.