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Thu, 02 Sept


Light & Sound Stimulation

Astral projection (English) (1)

A track with vocals of Sally Mey designed to go on your personal out of body travel. Hosted in English.

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Astral projection (English) (1)
Astral projection (English) (1)

Time & Location

02 Sept 2021, 21:30 – 23:00 CEST

Light & Sound Stimulation

About the Event

No experience needed on this magical & colorful journey - dive into your subconscious (effortless) - access altered states of consciousness (safe) - tapping in into emotions & patterns (fast) - connect & learn from your intuition (powerful) - hosted in English language

Experience our science-based holistic Neuro Tuning Method. We stimulate your mind & body through synchronized light pulses & unique sound waves to guide you carefully into an altered state of consciousness. #be_lightapp - more information:

It is remarkable how easy we can access & transform stored memories & energies. Fall effortlessly into a relaxing & immersive inner journey to shift your consciousness & unfold your full potential. Tapping in into emotions, patterns, beliefs - understand & change them - rewire mind & body & evolve beyond limitations. Everybody can access these powerful states!

We developed this unique Neuro Tuning Method to offer a tool which helps to access & understand the deeper wisdom in us. It is a combination of ancient methods & modern technology to give you an holistic approach for your wellbeing & mind. Our Light & Sound sessions can create harmony & order in your mind, emotions & body for physiological coherence (a scientifically measurable state) or better known as "Deep Flow States".

Soon you can also use our “Be-Light App” to activate these powerful states of harmony & clarity whenever you need it. Fall effortlessly into a relaxing & immersive inner journey & unfold your full potential. We will guide you in a very safe way. Just surrender & trust yourself.



We combined ancient methods with modern science to create a holistic approach to help nearly everyone to access powerful transformative states. We integrated proven methods (like guided meditation, breathwork, NLP etc.) with modern brainwave entrainment technology. We combine the best of both worlds in our App & Events to make it accessible for everybody & to create a magical experiences.


Ivo & Oliver started their self-development journeys already years ago. They changed their lives, left the corporate world behind, traveled around the world, studied the science of frequencies, dived deep into breathwork, meditation & the science of yoga. Out of self-experience & hundreds of live Workshops they started Be-Light & developed this unique Neuro Tuning Method. Their dream is to empower more people by becoming mindful & aware of their deeper wisdom. We can change the world from inside of us. Let’s create a happy & healthy future for all of us together. The Be-Light self-development method is like self-care itself: radically simple, simple to apply & simply life-changing. Enjoy the journey & step into magical, colorful & immersive environments engineered to sync your brainwaves & guide you effortlessly into restorative meditation & flow states.


We will guide you in a safe way on a magical journey deep into yourself. Effortlessly your mind & body will relax & you’ll be immersed in our light & soundscapes proven to stimulate & activate your brainwaves to target frequencies linked to improve focus, vitality, creativity, stress, deep sleep & powerful deep states of meditation. Just breath, relax & trust yourself. Let yourself be surprised on this journey.

> the Science behind Be-Light > Neuro Tuning Session > Neuro-Body-Breath (guided breathwork) > Neuro Light & Sound Journey > NLP & guided Meditation > sharing Circle / Q&A 


Before applying, please sit or lie down in a safe environment. In our Sessions we are using breathwork techniques & flickering lights, which can cause seizures in persons with sensitivity to flickering light (photosensitive epilepsy). Please, do not participate if you are under 18 years, subject to any form of seizures, epilepsy, pregnant or taking stimulants. Please, read our medical disclaimer carefully.

- prepare yourself - internalize your intention - don't eat 2 hours before & be hydrated - read the medical disclaimer


Looking forward to journey with you beyond time & space.

Love & Light #be_lightapp

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