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We are here to help you on your self development journey and to inspire each other.



What is BE LIGHT ?

The mission of BE LIGHT is to help people balance their minds and emotions for a happy and healthy life. The BE LIGHT founders started this project already years ago without actually knowing it. They offered workshops and events around the world with their professional therapeutic light and sound brainwave systems and helped thousands of participants in hundreds of workshops to master their minds and improve their well-being. After years of first hand experiences, requests from around the world and lots of positive feedback the idea was born to develop the first science-based, audio & visual app. 


They wanted to make this powerful light and sound technology accessible for everyone and to create a totally new approach by combining modern science with the old and proven benefits of mediation and other ancient methods.




The story of the BE LIGHT Founder

Ivo, Ahilan, Pascal and Oliver started their self-development journeys years ago after working in international companies as scientists, consultants, producers or managers. They all will share their exciting stories in the future with you but here you have already an idea in advance. They all changed their lives and developed more awareness for themselves and others. They studied the science of frequencies, dived deep into neuroscience, practiced breathwork, meditation, mindfulness & the science of yoga with international coaches. Some of them traveled around the world to deepen their studies. These important personal self-development processes were the starting point of BE LIGHT. They all felt the motivation to bring more awareness into the world and to design a new, meaningful way for modern meditation in the 21st century. The technology provides deep and touching experiences leveraging advantages of classical meditation techniques - without long preparation or practicing time - to find more bliss and motivation in work, life, and everything else. 


They developed the BE LIGHT Method with the four pillars - BE Open - BE Tuned - BE Transformed - BE-Long to empower more people and to start changing the world from inside.



Brunnenstraße 154

10115 Berlin


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