Flow State at Your Fingertips

light & sound stimulation: the future of meditation

Clarity in your pocket

Effortlessly flow into heightened levels of focus, flow, and well-being with BE LIGHT’s science-based light & sound stimulation.

Just make yourself comfortable, close your eyes and tune in to your inner wisdom.

Empower Yourself

The clarity and confidence you need to achieve your ultimate goals are already within you. With BE LIGHT, you’ll gain easy access to inner-strength, heightened focus, and performance-enhancing flow states.

Balance Body & Mind

Bring a renewed and refreshing sense of balance to all aspects of your daily life. BE LIGHT’s science-based magical method can help you find more bliss in work, life, and everything else. Master your mind and emotions.

Tap Into Intuition

Go beyond your creative limits with a direct line to deep meditative states. BE LIGHT puts the keys to the next generation of meditation technology in your hands, giving you guidance and support along the way.



Science for the Soul
Harmonize your body and mind with the revolutionary BE LIGHT Method, which synthesizes ancient wisdom and modern science into four safe, easy-to-follow pillars.

Guided practices such as breathing exercises and meditation prepare the body and mind to enter deeper meditative and flow states.


Tune your brain to a highly receptive state and increase neuroplasticity with gentle light & sound in the frequency of your brainwaves.


Recharge and reprogram yourself by reaching a deep, restorative flow state through the use of guided visualizations and affirmations.


Effectively integrate your experiences, process your thoughts, and express your feelings by sharing with the BE LIGHT community.


The BE-Lightened

Traveling with Headphones

"Deep relaxed at wide awake afterwards.”

Mirja T.

Glückliche Fotografin

I flew like limitless through the universum which became myself. My own borders dissolved.”

Natascha K.

Kaffeepause mit Freunden

"Ich war das Licht selbst und voller Dankbarkeit"

Thomas L.


Reflect, Share, and Grow Together

Come together with like-minded people to share and integrate your experiences.

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